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I am told that decades ago in caves the Masai would make poison arrows using local herbs. By boiling the herbs until it created a paste then applied the paste to arrow heads just before going out for hunting expeditions.

This poison is known as SEKUT.

Our journey begun at 6 a.m. One of my fellow trekkers, Jai, had forgotten his house keys and had to go back. So the rest of the group decided to have a coffee at Java coffee while waiting . This pushed back our departure time to 7 a.m. The drive down is very scenic.  After approximately 2 hours we drove past Kisames town and headed for the valley where our guide, James was waiting to take us to base. It’s preferred that you have a good four-wheel drive  because of the loose rubble and rock. After a short drive we arrived at Seyal camp, a lovely get away put together by Rob and Lindsey McEntire at the foot of Mount Olesekut.
I wished I had organised to spend a night there. As it truly is a magnificent creation to the point that you forget about the polluted city-life. And start to embrace ‘the true’ Kenya where the sound of birds and fresh air surround you. Breathing fresh life into the tired soul.
Our guide James, was so gracious to take the group through the scenic route. He even shared the names and explained the usages for several herbs growing alongside the mountain. The background provides a view of Mount Olegasaile and Ngong Hills. Olesekut lies right at the center of this rocky, beautiful paradise. Rock climbers would be well pleased with a visit here. You could not possibly exhaust all the climbing options it provided by Mount Olesekut.
I did not realize I was traveling with super athletes it only took us 1 hour 45 minutes to scale the mountain to the summit. Michael is training to do the super hike which is 2600 miles from Mexico to Canada, Jai has climbed Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro and his wife run 400 kilometers in 2 weeks! Then there is me… I prayed for them all…..

Reaching the summit is the moment we looked forward to seeing, despite the overcast. The valley stretches out into an attraction of green landscape with deep ridges. The hillside is surrounded by gigantic rocks so carefully superimposed by nature. And I would be negligent if I failed to mention the zebras, who grazed peacefully on fresh shrubs. Indeed it was worth the short drive out-of-town this is a place unexplored–a secret haven.

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