Chyulu Hills

I have often heard of journeys for self-discovery, if you are at this junction in your life visit Chyulu Hills in Tsavo.

The journey from Nairobi is a four-hour drive. And while the trucks on Mombasa Road are a nightmare the beautiful scenery will soon make you forget the agony of constantly trying to overtake the trucks. The locals in Tsavo (Chyulu Hills) are not aware of the beautiful hills in their backyard. We spent 20-minutes asking for directions and being turned around. Kenya Wildlife Service should do more to promote local tourism.

Chyulu National Park is well kept but the drive to the bottom of the hill takes about one hour on a road full of big rocks, lose rubble and over grown vegetation so a good four wheel drive car is necessary. When you least expect it, before your eyes appears an endless series of green lush vegetation rich with wildlife such as buffalos, antelopes and bush babies—even elephants but unfortunately we did not see any on our drive.

The hills in Chyulu are like a painting carefully crafted by a master artist who has been hard at work for decades. How could such amazing beauty exist in the heart of this community?! Hidden and tucked away like a secret garden waiting to be discovered.

A visit to the caves was the highlight of our adventure. The winds and bends are enveloped by massive boulders, clothed in pitch darkness kept us well entertained. Some amateur rock climbing experience is need when traversing through the cave.

These hills have a story to tell if you care to listen so when you reach the satellite summit cast your gaze upon the deep forested valleys. Take a moment with feel your troubles subside as you acknowledge there is one greater master creator of all.

After trekking, we returned to setup camp for the night. We chose to avoid the traditional campsite because the ranger explained how elephants often trampled through the camp at night in search of water. On our journey home the next day we paid a quick visit to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Umani Springs (a  four natural spring in Tsavo National Park) as they both were on our route as we returned to Nairobi.


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