Mount Olorgesailie

It is Saturday, March 4 at 5:30 am and we assemble again ready to do, what we do best –conquer the mountains.

Mount Olorgesailie is the mountain that we will climb today. At 1,760m high we all thought it would be a walk in the park. After reading online reviews, we were prepared for a 4 hour trek. We had no idea that the journey would take our team 9 hours to complete! This mountain and climb was very deceiving.

When you arrive to the park the climb looks easy and the mountain peak seems as though it is only a stone throw away. As you start the trek you see the amazing views that the park as to offer. It’s beauty whispers sweet melodies to you. Then you realize that amongst the beauty a beast awaits you.

We were impressed with our 60-year-old guide who was dressed in a full suit and safari boots. He made the climb look like child’s play. During the hike through the dry river bed we met Mzee Kobe, a old tortoise. Mzee Kobe was approximately 100 years old, and he was not afraid of our presence.

This climb was a mix of sweet and sour. You will amazed by the beauty of Olorgesailie but the trek to the peak is difficult. Once we reached the peak (though exhausted) the winds of satisfaction blew on the champion Shujaas.

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