Shujaa Moja are all about trekking, meeting new people, exploring new places. By the end of this year our goal is to hike every month to train for the final ascent to Mountain Kenya in December 2017. Our ethos is trying things you have never done, environmental responsibility, health, camaraderie and of course lots of fun 🙂


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I am told that decades ago in caves the Masai would make poison arrows using local herbs. By boiling the herbs until it created a paste then applied the paste to arrow heads just before going out for hunting expeditions. This poison is known as SEKUT. Our journey begun at 6 a.m. One of my fellow trekkers, Jai, … Continue reading MOUNT OLESEKUT


The darkness started to set in and the rain was coming down hard, the cold set in so you can tell our excitement when we heard the sound of the donkeys braying as we descended but upon reaching us they confirmed what we all knew was inevitable they were soaking wet!

Mount Olorgesailie

It is Saturday, March 4 at 5:30 am and we assemble again ready to do, what we do best –conquer the mountains. Mount Olorgesailie is the mountain that we will climb today. At 1,760m high we all thought it would be a walk in the park. After reading online reviews, we were prepared for a 4 hour … Continue reading Mount Olorgesailie

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